Volume 1: Enigmatic Visionary

Enigmatic Visionary is the brand’s debut collection.  The collection is inspired by the mystery entrenched within The Wolf and Byrd woman.  She is more than meets the eye. Her persona is deep and enigmatic.  This season the Wolf and Byrd woman is looking forward and working towards her goals.  The future is hers for the taking.  She is dressed powerfully. The collection reflects the empowered, career woman’s attitude as she fiercely moves forward all while maintaining her feminine poise and elegance.  This volume consists of elevated basics with design details such as angular waistbands, elongated split cuffs, and concealed plackets catered for the discerning woman seeking the quiet luxury aesthetic.

 Collection Mood:

  • Powerful woman
  • Elevated classics
  • Spirit of determination and success

Wolf and Byrd encourages female empowerment through mindful fashion and inspiring stories. Join us on a journey of authenticity and discover your Wolf and Byrd style today.

Wolf and Byrd Volume 1 Lookbook