Mental and Social Wellness Support


In April and May, we continue our efforts to help raise funds for the amazing work done by Singapore based charity, Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT).  Hot on the heels of our IWD campaign in March, we pledge to donate 20% of sales in April to DOT's Mental and Social Wellness Support Fund. 

The pressures of modern day life is something we are all familiar with.  Rising costs across the board is a reality of today's economic environment.  For women from low income households, finding an outlet to relieve the stresses of everyday life may not necessarily be attainable.  This has a negative impact on one's ability to work towards social mobility in a clear headed and emotionally manageable manner.

DOT's Mental and Social Wellness Support Fund aims to provide emotional and practical support by building a sense of community through Self Care Workshops, and Emotional Support Groups.  These values align with Wolf and Byrd's commitment towards cultivating wellness tenets in our life so that we can mindful grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Thank you for your support which is invaluable, and allows us to work towards our socially oriented mission. Help us spread the word and check out our latest collection Soulstice, which perfectly resonates with the tenets of DOT's campaign. 

With Love,

Wolf and Byrd

p.s. If you wish to provide further support to DOTs efforts, you may also do so at: