She is strong and empowered. She is elegant and edgy. She is confident and successful.  She is the Wolf and Byrd woman, the epitome of sophistication with a contemporary edge.

Born from the calling to support the empowered, modern woman, Wolf and Byrd is a luxury contemporary brand that meshes masculine edge with feminine finesse in both our designs and brand attitude.  We develop collections with a narrative that seeks to inspire and create a transformative environment.  

Every style is thoughtfully crafted with a focus on tailored designs, comfort, and quality materials and construction. This makes our styles modern yet timeless, and open to individual expression.  Our styles are designed and made to be worn beyond seasons.  

We pledge to donate 1% of all online sales each month to charities, both locally and globally, that support and empower girls and women in areas such as health, education, and careers. 

Our ethos and way of life can be summed up as such:

Be Strong...
Be Successful...
Be Empowered...
Be Wolf and Byrd.
— Founded in 2019 —


Mindfully growing. Thriving personally and professionally. Living an authentic life with purpose and passion.