Sato: The Origins of Our Name

Sato: The Origins of Our Name


Sato, our namesake

A common question we get when we introduce our brand is “How did you come up with that name?”, “Does it have a specific meaning?”, or different versions of this same query.  So, in today’s blog post we delve into the origin story of our brand name.  Not only does it represent our brand’s ethos of meshing the strong, masculine Wolf with the delicate, feminine Byrd, it also has a deeply personal significance, and is a source of constant motivation here at Wolf and Byrd.

Wolf and Byrd is essentially named after my German Shepherd, Sato.  It was love at first sight when I met 1-month old, Sato in 2003.  We just clicked and were like two peas in a pod.  She would be the first person I looked for after coming home from school, and the last I gave a goodnight kiss to before heading to bed.  So, when the idea of starting a fashion brand was being considered, I wanted to have both a personal meaning to the name, as well as one that embodied the brand’s values, albeit metaphorically. 


Baby Sato (circa 2003)

Personally, the Wolf component of the name was drawn from Sato’s wolf-like appearance.  She is a German Shepherd and has somewhat similar physical characteristics.  Having said that, I think she’s super cute and adorable, while she thinks more along the wolf line and views herself as a fierce creature of the wild.  Byrd, on the other hand, is a play on the word “bird”.  Sato’s favourite toy just so happens to be a fluffy stuffed toy bird, which I have had to conduct multiple life saving operations on (yes, mum is an expert stuff toy surgeon too!). 

Symbolically, the term Wolf represents a woman who is fierce, powerful, strong, and confident.  She is empowered, and inspires others.  It also reflects a more edgy attitude, and design choices such as sharp lines or silhouettes, rough textures, and the use of menswear fabric etc.  

Byrd, embraces the more feminine side of the brand and its customer, akin to the soft feathers and the graceful flight of birds.  It is about having an edgy yet elegant style and personality.  In terms of design choices, it speaks of soft lines or silhouettes, smooth textures, and the use of delicate fabrics, to name a few.

When Sato passed in 2017, I became resolute to start the brand as a memory of her life and personality (and of course, our love).  Although she is no longer physically with me, planning, starting, and now building Wolf and Byrd is my way of remembering her each day.  It motivates me even during the most challenging of times, and will continue to do so in the indefinite future.

When reading about entrepreneurship and hearing start-up stories, it is always the personal components to these tales that make a lasting impression.  It was one of the key reasons why having a personal connection to the brand name was so important, as it becomes a source of pure motivation.  

I hope everyone reading this post is able to draw inspiration from important aspects of their lives, and harness this energy to propel yourself towards your goals and aspirations. 

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Yours truly,


Wolf and Byrd

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