Picking the Best Size: A Guide

Picking the Best Size: A Guide

In today’s blog post we will discuss how best to decipher Wolf and Byrd’s size guide and pick a size that is right for you.  Buying online, especially if you have never purchased from a particular brand before might be slightly overwhelming.  We completely understand, as consumers ourselves, we can relate to the hassle of returns and exchanges too!

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One important point to remember is that with any clothing purchase made both online or offline, unless the piece is custom tailored it is unlikely that it would be a perfect fit in all areas of our body.  For example, if like me you have wider shoulders and a smaller waist, than be sure to select the size that fits your shoulders best.

We are all built differently and as such proportions vary from individual to individual.  If you are in search of the perfect fit (we all have those few pieces that deserve extra attention, right?), we recommend finding the closest size by measuring yourself using our size guide and getting it altered at your reputable, local seamstress.  

Another important thing to note when deciding on the best size is the design and cut of the garment.  Some styles are designed with a wider cut.  In such cases, you have room to get your exact size, or go smaller (or bigger even) depending on the type of fit you personally prefer.

Also, make sure to take a look at fabric content to determine if the material has some stretch in it.  Some woven garments do not contain any stretchable material and will not sit properly on the body if the size were too small.  The more the stretch content, the more forgiving the fit even if the size were slightly smaller than what you intended. 

In general, Wolf and Byrd utilises a European body measurement system (think widely available brands such as Zara or Massimo Dutti).  For example, if you are a Size M in a Massimo Dutti blouse, it is highly likely that you’re also a Size M in a similarly designed Wolf and Byrd garment. 

Overall, remember to consider aspects such as design, material content, and personal fit preferences etcetera when determining the size you would like to purchase.  Always consult our size guide prior to selecting your size, and if you need further assistance, please reach out at hello@wolfandbyrd.com and we will be more than happy to help you find the most appropriate size for you.

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