IWD Celebrations: Wolf and Byrd x DOT

IWD Celebrations: Wolf and Byrd x DOT

March 2023 will be a month to remember in our history as we reached a significant milestone by initiating our first major partnership with the Singaporean charity organization, Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT). DOT is devoted to empowering underprivileged women by facilitating livelihood opportunities and supporting them in achieving financial independence and social mobility for their families.

As part of our International Women's Day celebrations, we donated 20% of our sales in March to DOT. At Wolf and Byrd, fashion and style are not only about aesthetics, but also about empowering women through inspiring narratives. In addition to our focus on empowering stories, fundraising initiatives provide us with another means to create a positive impact.

Additionally, it was an absolute delight to have provided clothing for both the beneficiaries and the book author for the official launch video. I had the immense honour of meeting these incredibly courageous women during the filming session. Hearing their stories of perseverance in the face of hardship, and witnessing the unwavering determination they possess to create a better life, is truly inspiring. I would highly encourage you to take a few moments to watch the book launch video, which is available on our Instagram page, blog, as well as DOT's official YouTube Channel (links provided below).

Dreams Of Our Daughters Author Zubaida Ali (Photo: Video Screenshot)

Finally, it was a moment of great pride and a significant milestone for the brand when Wolf and Byrd was given the opportunity to dress the Executive Director of DOT, Fannie Lim, in a coordinating pant suit for the official book launch celebrations. Seeing Fannie at the event, and the women wearing our pieces in the interview video was a true testament to our brand's mission and values, and we are honoured to have played a part in this meaningful project.

DOT Executive Director Fannie Lim in Wolf and Byrd (Photo Courtesy of DOT)

Thank you DOT for this amazing opportunity. We are grateful for the chance to collaborate with such a wonderful organization, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to empower women together.

You can purchase “Dreams Of Our Daughters” here:  Dreams Of Our Daughters Book

View video here:  Dreams Of Our Daughters Launch Video

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