Fashion as a Form of Self-Expression and Empowerment

Fashion as a Form of Self-Expression and Empowerment

By Helena Chan

What is fashion to you? Miuccia Prada once said "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language."  Fashion is a way of expression, a way of influencing how others view us and a way of empowering ourselves. 


What is the importance of fashion in our daily life?

1. Self-expression

Fashion allows us to express ourselves and accentuate our identities. It gives us a blank canvas on which to display our passions, convictions, and memories. 

We can explore and establish our identities by experimenting with various styles and trends, creating a distinctive identity that is wholly our own. Fashion gives us the freedom to express ourselves honestly, without worrying about criticism or scrutiny, whether it's through a strong statement piece or a simple outfit. By picking out our outfits, we can establish a sense of community and belonging and meet others who share our interests and values.

2. Personal image

We can feel comfortable and confident thanks to fashion. Our mood and mental health can be significantly impacted by how we present ourselves, which raises our self-esteem. It can make us feel wonderful and help us develop a confident and self-assured self-image.

Fashion and identity are inextricably interwoven, with clothes having a significant impact on our personal image. Our fashion choices show our individuality and the things we wear may reflect our cultural heritage, social standing, and taste preferences. 


What role does fashion play in empowering women?


Fashion fosters confidence which plays a crucial factor in empowering us. Embracing fashion is all about self-confidence and finding your personal style in your accessories and attire. 

Consider what your "power clothes" are. Is it the Halcyon Midi Dress or is it the Arcadian Collarless Blazer? Wear your own power outfit and take advantage of the confidence it gives you. 

2. Creativity

One could consider fashion to be a creative medium. Fashion is the art of producing wearable works of art, according to designers. It allows the wearers to combine different pieces of clothing and artistically twist ideas to create amazing outfits. It goes without saying that it inspires us to dress in more distinctive and expressive ways.

In our recent post with Ms Clarissa Rae Lim, esteemed winner of Mrs Singapore Globe 2022, she put her own creative touch on our clothes. She paired our Grace Blouse with Speciality Buttons in Shadow Black with her own sarong-wrap style skirt, expressing her own personal style.

3. Happiness

Dressing up can make you feel wonderful about yourself, therefore it is a wonderful option to uplift your emotions or maintain a positive mood. A theory known as “dopamine dressing” suggests that wearing certain kinds of clothes can help you feel happier even on days when you don't feel great. 

Fashion is a way of life; it is more than simply throwing on a random pair of jeans with a shirt. It can empower and provides an opportunity to express ourselves. Discover our empowered collections in store now! And remember…

Be Strong…
Be Successful…
Be Empowered…
Be Wolf and Byrd.

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