Volume 2: Phoenix of Her Destiny

Our second collection, Volume 2: Phoenix of Her Destiny is about transformation and rebirth.  It is about rising out of challenges and ascending to higher levels personally and professionally. This Volume draws inspiration from the mythical Phoenix's rebirth from adversity as a more powerful version of itself. 

The Phoenix also informs design details such as the use of dark red tones; and through the use of pleats and flare sleeves reminiscent of the Phoenix’s wings.  Moreover, darker tones such as navy and green imbue the collection with an edgy, transformative essence, while fiery tones of burgundy and red represent strength, power, and prosperity moving forward.

 Collection Mood:

  • Feminine power
  • Poise and elegance despite challenges
  • Transformative spirit and freedom to excel

Wolf and Byrd encourages female empowerment through mindful fashion and inspiring stories. Join us on a journey of authenticity and discover your Wolf and Byrd style today.

Wolf and Byrd Volume 2 Lookbook