Spotlight Issue 3: Karen Hook

Spotlight Issue 3: Karen Hook

Welcome to the third issue of our interview series, Spotlight, where we will feature stories from inspiring women from all walks of life.  With Spotlight, our aim is to share experiences, advice, and encourage women the world over to pursue their dreams with passion and dedication. 

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Karen Hook is an educator at San Francisco based art school, The Academy of Art University (AAU).  Karen first started off her career in the business world and later on decided to pursue her first passion of teaching.  I first met Karen when I was a MFA student at AAU.  Karen was an advisor on my thesis project, which I eventually materialised by launching Wolf and Byrd.  

She has essentially been a source of guidance and encouragement for me from the very beginning.  I am extremely grateful for her kindness, support, and advice.  As a founder, I highly recommend my fellow entrepreneurs or aspiring founders to seek mentors such as Karen.  Having such ardent supporters and advisors along your business journey gives you  more endurance to overcome the challenges of being a business owner. 


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Karen is wearing our Halcyon Midi Dress.  To learn more about the brand and our products check out our About pages.  Discover our empowered collections in store now!  And remember…

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Be Successful…
Be Empowered…
Be Wolf and Byrd.


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