Wolf and Byrd strives to become the ultimate global destination for accessible luxury where the modern, empowered career woman is assured confident work styles and superior quality products.  We remain dedicated to empowering and inspiring women globally.

We pledge to donate 1% of all online sales each month to charities, both locally and globally, that support and empower girls and women in areas such as health, education, and careers. 

Wolf and Byrd's vision is achieved through our continued emphasis on our core values:

  1. We inspire through design and style;

  2. We focus on quality, in both our products and services;

  3. We believe in maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit through teamwork;

  4. We believe in being socially conscious and contributing global citizens;

  5. We believe in continual improvement; and above all

  6. We believe in remaining empowered and confident at all times.


Mindfully growing. Thriving personally and professionally. Living an authentic life with purpose and passion.