At Wolf and Byrd we believe in timeless, versatile, quality products that are not defined by seasons. Our styles and colour palettes not only speak to the collection’s mood and inspiration, but are also versatile enough to be worn throughout the year and beyond.  Our collections are developed with a narrative that seeks to inspire.  These are released as “Volumes”, each telling a story of The Wolf and Byrd Woman's journey.

As a luxury brand, we create quality womenswear apparel that exudes a sense of edgy sophistication. We focus on classic styles and infuse them with differentiated design details.  Our design philosophy and brand personality is clearly reflected in our brand name with its connotations of blending masculine edge with femininity.

We meticulously develop all our products paying special attention to style, comfort, fit, and quality.  This passion and care is also carried through to our online store where high quality service and customer satisfaction are paramount.

We produce a limited number of products per Volume in varying styles to provide our discerning customer with the exclusivity and distinctiveness she deserves.  Once sold, these styles will be replaced with newer styles.  Occasionally, based on customer demand, we may reintroduce popular styles.  If there is a style you love, and it happens to be out of stock, please reach out to us at hello@wolfandbyrd.com.  


Mindfully growing. Thriving personally and professionally. Living an authentic life with purpose and passion.