Women in Business: Paige Tuzée

Women should be celebrated all day, everyday.  From their myriad of accomplishments across various sectors and industries, to their often extensive responsibilities at home.  Today we celebrate one such creative partner we have had the immense pleasure of working with since before the launch of Wolf and Byrd in 2019.  

Paige Tuzée

Paige Tuzée (Image via @paigetuzee_designs)

I first met Paige in 2017 online via an extensive search on Pinterest for a branding expert, while at the same time looking for inspiration to match the aesthetic of the Wolf and Byrd brand.  At that stage, I was completing my Master of Fine Arts Thesis (which incidentally was on the launch of the Wolf and Byrd brand).  As I worked to complete my studies and prepped for the launch of Wolf and Byrd during my spare time, I spent a great deal of time communicating with Paige to create the ideal branding elements that captured the essence and meaning of the brand and her customer.

Paige was therefore the very first creative partner of the brand. Throughout the whole process, she was extremely supportive, attentive to details, and had an undeniable flair for luxury branding.   In essence, making her a perfect match for the brand.  In particular, I was very drawn to her beautiful handwritten elements (as seen in the “Byrd” component of our logo). 

One of the key motivations behind starting this business was to also support and partner up with other women in whatever fields are deemed necessary for the business’ operation. I couldn’t have been any happier to have found such an incredibly talented creative partner in Paige.  She represents many qualities of gifted women working to achieve their dreams, and doing so with finesse, and a kind, supportive approach. 

Creatives such as Paige help inspire us, and many other women to aim high and pursue their aspirations.  Check out her amazing works on Instagram @paigetuzee_designs.

And remember ...

Be Strong...
Be Successful...
Be Empowered....
Be Wolf and Byrd.


With love,

Wolf and Byrd